Eternal Enigma

Always an enigma.
flatter, flutter, words, eye-lashes
beckon, beguile, looks, smiles
indulgent, innocent, cooking, demanding
generous, gregarious, charms ... full post

Last week

Dusting off the bags
Sorting through the shelves
Things you need
Things you want ... full post


Cars push through, drains overflow.
Some shutters down, some rise,
scenes fly past the busy eyes.
But do you see, he who goes slow? ... full post


Occasion, just another
thoughtlessly, words spoken
skin pricked, by needles
the heart and the words ... full post


broken walls, bricks astray
blocks wind no more
pebbly stream, scanty water
fallen bark stops flow ... full post

Morning verse written at midnight

Fluttering curtain, an open window
a cold glimpse of the grey sky
breeze, valiant against the bricks
leaves, clinging on to the twigs
early light, dispelling the night ... full post


tick-tocking silently, a hand marking the seconds
lazily, his eye chases it round and round
the other eye shut, as a resting ... full post


Gliding in light, end to end
Vast expanse of wasted stage
Oblivious of those in attend
He swirled and swung in rage ... full post

Disjoint verses

Skimming through the list
ticking off names one after other
hoping to find atleast some one
to call at this ungodly hour ... full post

Every once in a while

Every once in a while,
stall the thoughts, abandon the speculation
try to shut off the mental processes
disengage the senses, clear up the ... full post