Principal Applied Science Manager, News & Feeds -- Microsoft

Managing the Content Recommendation team at Vancouver, Canada.

Manager, Data Science & Machine Learning -- | Move, Inc.

I managed multiple Data Science teams building Machine Learning applications:
  • Consumer Experience Squad: Helping home discovery by building the ML models powering the search, recommendations, notifications and other personalization initiatives.
  • Enriched Experience Squad: Enriching real-estate data through image understanding and NLP (deep learning).
  • Agent/Broker Monetization Squad: Driving revenue growth through user behavior modeling, time-series forecasting, lead allocation strategies, etc.

Research Scientist -- IBM Research

Member of the Cognitive IoT Soutions team at IBM Research, Bangalore.

My work focused on researching and developing new technologies based on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Game Theory for novel domains such as Smart Grid, Internet-of-Things and Sustainability.

Some of my major projects at IBM Research included:

  • Connectivity Models: Using optimisation and machine learning techniques on geo-spatial and electrical data to aid and improve the operations of electrical utilities.
  • Adaptive Interfaces for Conversational Systems: Reimagining the UI for conversational systems from a HCI perspective by designing dynamic, data-driven interfaces for e-commerce chatbots.
  • Renewable Energy Forecasting: Weather modelling and machine learning based approaches for forecasting solar irradiance and energy output of solar power plants.
  • Optimization of District Heating and Cooling Systems: Building new-age solutions for improving the efficiency of DHC systems through advanced consumption/user modelling and control optimisation.

Principal Scientist -- Showt (Global StealthCo)

In 2014, I worked for a stealth-mode startup Showt (formerly Global StealthCo) developing a worldwide communications platform. It is an internet company headquartered in Hong Kong, with team members spread out around the world.

I led the teams focussing on Search and Relevance, Data Acquisition Systems, Content Management Systems and Real-time Analytics.

Research Engineer -- Secure Meters Ltd. (UK)

Previously, I was employed by Secure Meters Ltd. at Winchester, UK. It is a leading MNC providing smart solutions in the energy measurement and management sphere.

I was involved in working with the top management at Secure Meters Ltd. on new research initiatives to apply computing technologies like Multi-Agent Systems and Machine Learning to drive innovation in the Smart Energy Management domain.

I was their liaison and representative on two industry-academia research projects:

  • iDEaS: A £ 1M worth collaboration with University of Southampton to research AI-based technologies for the smart electricity grid of the future.
  • Orchid: A £ 5.5M worth project also involving University of Southampton, Oxford University, University of Nottingham and BAE Systems focussing on developing effective Human-Agent Collectives (HACs) for real-world applications in the critical domains of the smart grid, disaster response and citizen science.

I also collaborated with the University of Southampton researchers on several R & D streams including:

  • Automated home energy management using advanced prediction and machine learning.
  • Game-theoretic mechanism design for promoting the functioning of large energy cooperatives.